Achieving the Dream

Pursuing your dream of obtaining a college education is easier said than done. Sometimes obstacles arise that may deter you from your educational and career goals.

At Triton College, we want to help you succeed by providing the necessary resources and services to put you on track and keep you on track toward achieving your dreams.

Triton College was selected in May 2009 as a proud participant to join in the national student success initiative, Achieving the Dream: Community Colleges Count. The initiative includes more than 160 institutions in 30 U.S. states, all recognized for their commitment and work toward helping students succeed.

Because of this initiative, Triton is continually implementing new strategies and resources and strengthening existing ones to better support you – the student.

Whether it's tutoring, advising, financial aid assistance or our Center for Access and Accommodative Services, Triton College offers numerous opportunities to put you even closer to reaching your goal of completing your studies. Through Achieving the Dream, students can expect greater support and resources, increased student engagement and enhanced activities with a focus on success.

Our Intent with Achieving the Dream

  • Use data to identify gaps in student achievement in order to improve equity in educational outcomes across racial/ethnic and income groups. Develop, implement and/or improve strategies for closing these gaps and ultimately help more students to earn post-secondary credentials.
  • Look at ways to improve student outcomes in essential areas that are important to a student’s academic progress.
  • Create an environment on campus that further fosters student success.
  • Place a great focus on aligning resources, reviewing institutional policies and continually analyzing data that will focus attention on student success.

Achieving the Dream is a non-governmentally funded multi-year national initiative to help more community college students succeed- particularly those students who traditionally face the most significant barriers to success including students of color and low-income.

Achieving the Dream helps community colleges develop and implement a student-centered model of institutional improvement. The initiative provides a framework for systematically and objectively reviewing college policies, programs and services with regard to their impact on student success.

For more information regarding Achieving the Dream initiative at Triton College, or if you have any questions about Triton's Achieving the Dream website, please contact us at

Student Success Highlights

Our Graduation numbers are rising!
According to President Obama's Completion Agenda, community colleges should aim to double their number of Graduates by 2020. Triton's share of meeting that goal of 60 percent more graduates by 2020 is 5,830 more graduates or having approximately 5 percent more graduates each year. We are exceeding that goal and currently performing above our target!